Vivo Y73 Review – An Honest Review


The new version of Vivo smartphones, the Yanta and Idol, are available online for those who can’t get their hands on them in stores. Before getting your hopes up, there’s one important thing to consider. There are several other companies in the market that produce smartphones with similar specifications as these two models. So before you pick up your phone and head out to buy, take some time to study and compare the options. vivo y73

The main features of the Vivo Y73 and the predecessors of this model were considerably different. For example, the predecessors of the Yanta and the Idol had single rear cameras, two cameras in the front and a front-facing camera with an f/2.5 lens. With the introduction of the Yota, they introduced a new smartphone with dual cameras. However, the new one has moved away from these two extremes and opted for a smartphone with a single camera and a large screen, which is a step forward. Apart from these two major differences, the key feature of the Y 73 and the predecessors of the Idol and Yanta is the presence of a memory card slot.

Now, the second biggest difference between the phones is in terms of hardware. The Yota has a slightly bigger screen, 2.5 inches versus the Idol’s 1.6 inch. The camera setup on the Yota is also superior to that of the others. The vivo y73 has an internal memory of 8GB and this memory can be expanded via microSD. The phone also has a quad-core A7 processor, paired with Adreno dispatch technology for better graphic performance.

As compared to the other smartphones, the Vivo Y73 has a larger memory but unfortunately, its battery life is only four hours. This battery life seems to be quite poor, despite the large screen size of the smartphone. To increase the battery life, there is no obvious option apart from buying a replacement phone. Luckily, there is a way to extend the battery life of the smartphone. This can be done by increasing the volume of the apps used while the smartphone is switched off. There is a built-in anti-grime algorithm in the smartphone which kills the idle apps when the screen is switched off, but this can only be achieved if there is enough memory in the smartphone to accommodate the additional apps.

Despite its large screen, the Vivo Y73 has a surprisingly small camera setup, consisting of just the main camera and its laser zoom feature. The secondary camera is not much better than that on the iPhone and the Nokia E71, as both smartphones have larger sensors. Even though the camera is not as good as the ones of the iPhone and the Nokia E71, the camera setup on the smartphone does a decent job at taking the images. For such a cheap price, the Vivo Y 73 could have had an image sensor with better optics to take better images.

One of the worst features of the smartphone is its slow performance when launching apps. Opening and closing the app will take around five minutes for the smartphone to completely load. Furthermore, the speed at which the application loads when you first launch it and during the usage of the smartphone are two of the factors which contribute to the increase in the battery’s drain. To speed up the loading of the apps and to make the use of the smartphone more enjoyable, Vivo has developed a special background service which automatically opens the apps when you start your day.

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